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Pilot Study - Sierra Leone Elections 2018

On the ground, during the elections in Sierra Leone during March 2018, our team issued polling cards as digital IDs on the Blockchain. These blockchain-based polling cards were put to use to simulate voting in the Presidential elections.

How can we help you?


Issue the most secure form of ID cards in the world. Un-hackable, future-proof, smart Digital IDs are now a reality.


DID provides the most secure way to issue a bank account or a financial/medical ID on the Blockchain.


All DID software and schema exists to empower You - the user. We want your input and your direction. Join the DID Foundation today!

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DID Foundation

Decentralizing your ID over the Blockchain.

Protecting your ID


The #1 objective of this foundation is to protect and put you in control of your ID on the Blockchain. At it's heart, the foundation exists to decentralize your Identification to protect YOUR interests.

Providing Trust


The foundation will form a trust platform where publishers and subscribers gather together to transfer ID over the Blockchain securely and with full trust of both parties.



We believe that crypto technology is a new parallel Internet being formed today. And we want to be the reason and the first step that people take towards a crypto-future.

About the Foundation

The DID Foundation is Blockchain-agnostic

Blockchain Originated Certificate of Authenticity (BOCA)

Say hello to the SSL certificate of the Decentralized world! The DID foundation will re-imagine and re-engineer subscribers' trust in authenticity over a decentralized network. Before you provide your ID or data to an organization, you can now check over a decentralized network if the requested transaction comes from a verified source.

Learn more about BOCA draft proposal in our Whitepaper.

Putting Your ID in your control

The DID system and the DID Foundation are geared towards protecting your ID and putting you in control of your ID. This is how DID protects your ID:

Traditional Systems

DID System

Your ID is stored on a private cloud

Your ID is stored on your own device

Your ID is in control of an organization

Your ID is in your control which you transfer as you require

Your ID is being abused and tracked

The DID Foundation ensures that any usage of your data is approved by you

There is no proof of ID transfer

Proof of transaction available on a distributed ledger

SSL is breakable and monopolized

BOCA certificates ensure security and legitimacy of the request

No way to issue IDs securely

Complete Blockchain backed ID issuance scheme

The Token: DID

The DID token provides a means for the foundation and the software to operate. The token is either used as in-app credits or as Voting rights to the system. We are committed to increasing the worth of these tokens whether it's by increasing the number of transactions that a token can make or providing in-depth information to holders of our tokens. We intend to make sure that the DID token holders see a positive outcome of their token holding.

One of our main objectives is to provide ID verification to the masses. These tokens, when the system is fully operational, will provide a greater value to holders than its current worth at the moment. Learn more about our tokens in the Whitepaper.

Blockchain Agnostic

We have seen the future and it's in Decentralized networks. DID is a schema, foundation, API, workflow and a set of procedures. We are Blockchain agnostic and want to be deployed on any and every Blockchain to see what will serve users the best.

While we are currently based on the Ethereum network and are finding it the most mature and versatile public network. This said, we are open to a new, stateless Blockchain in the future. Read more about this in our Technical Timeline.

A Platform of Trust

The DID foundation wants to get publishers and subscribers on a single platform to streamline ID/login/cookie requirements in the decentralized world. This means coming to consensus on issues concerning how ID is used, whether publishers would accept anonymity if confirmed by the DID foundation, ID traversal to other parties etc.

The current state of ID protection and sharing is abysmal. This will change with the Decentralized revolution and we want to be the voice of reason and an arbitrator between publishers and subscribers. We are also in talks with a few Government agencies in the UK to see how trust in official IDs can be decentralized and be 100% tamper-proof.

We are passionate about a Decentralized future. If you are too, Join the DID Foundation.

The DID Token

Crypto-coins for a better, new world

DID Token
Description: The primary currency of the platform. DID tokens are in-app credits that users use whenever they want to do an ID transaction. The Token can also be used to buy services from the marketplace.

Token Address: 0x315970bE5a362Fc89ab4240c52A78043211FFF1E
Initial Supply: 20 BILLION TOKENS. 20,000,000,000
Tokens Burnt: 17767718129
Tokens available for sale: 79% = 1.763 BILLION TOKENS. 1,763,502,678
Soft/Hard Cap: Nil
Where to get DIDs: (a) From the faucet: By installing DID-Login app
(b) By participating in the ICO.
(c) By Exchange/Transfer


ICO Portal: https://ico.decentralized.id
ICO Date: Ending 04/03/2018

DID Token


Proposal & Demo of ID transfer & issuance workflow




While we are currently based on the Ethereum network for the sake of maturity and versatility of the platform, we are finding the Ethereum network unfit for ID transfer needs because of overheads.

We have devised a way using smart contracts on a blockchain to show how an ID transfer system can be developed. This is a proof-of-concept workflow and requires further development as well as investigation into newer technologies. The demo software available from this website is provided without any warranty and users are requested to be very careful with their ID transfers till we start issuing BOCA certificates in Q2 2018.

Technical Findings

ID Verification Workflow

  • Step-1: Initiation
    • ID-requirer provides a QR code / contract address to ID holder.
    • ID holder scans this QR code / inputs the contract address.
  • Step-2: BOCA Verification
    • The DID app seeks user's permission
    • The DID app seeks a BOCA certificate from the underlying decentralized network.
    • The result of authenticity check is shown to the user.
  • Step-3: Package Deployment
    • User is asked permission to share specific fields/ID set.
    • The DID app encrypts the data.
    • The encrypted key is deployed on the decentralized network.
    • Encrypted data is sent directly to the ID-requirer.
  • Step-4: Key Decryption
    • To decrypt data, BOCA holder authenticates itself as the owner of the certificate.
    • ID-requirer gathers the key from decentralized network.
    • Once decrypted, the ID-requirer uses your data as per permissions given by the user.

ID Transfer

A two-way trust mechanism based on a decentralized network.

Use Cases: Website logins, ID verification in person, Entry, Account holding, HR, Border Control, As a Debit Card

Technical Discussion: Please find in Technical Whitepaper

ID Issuance

A prototype of ID issuance by an authority to show membership.

Use Cases: Govt issues ID cards, Passports, Visas, Driving Licenses, Bank accounts, Loyalty Cards, Memberships, Medical records.

Technical Discussion: Please find in Whitepaper

P2P ID transfer

ID verification in person.

Use Cases: In-person verification of parties, business vcards, HR, Personal loans.

Technical Discussion: -Study available in Q1 2018-

Try DID Right Now !

Alpha Release - Prototype only.

1. Get the DID Login Mobile App:
2. Check out our Apps & Marketplace



Theoratical, Commercial and Crowdsale information

Technical Whitepaper

Technical & system design information

Foundation Charter

Proposed charter of the DID Foundation

Terms & Conditions

For acquiring & using our tokens


DID Software & Foundation timelines

  • Q4, 2017

    Software update Beta Launch

    To launch the beta version of the DID app complete with a DID Login app and transfer facilities. Also, to finalize the app security and to develope further ways to store ID on a user's own device. To secure the Ethereum nodes in DID network.

  • Q1, 2018

    P2P ID Development Schema development

    To develop and deliver a working schema of P2P ID verification. Study to be carried out in collaboration with a Govt ID issuing authority. We will also focus on other decentralized networks in the market to research the best network for ID verification and issuance.

  • Q2, 2018

    Network calibration Review

    While currently based on the Ethereum network, we are actively looking for a stateless Blockchain technology. We will review the available networks and come up with a proposal.

  • Q3, 2018

    BOCA Review Update

    As of Q3, 2017, we have given a proper definition to BOCA as a replacement of SSL over the blockchain. We will review and implement a BOCA-2 certificate encompassing industry and peer reviews. We will also issue the first batch of commercial BOCA certificate to organizattions.

  • Q4, 2018

    Software Update Release candidate

    We will finalize the technology and offer a release candidate of the software produced. In addition, developer APIs will be finalized and an Eco system running on a decentralized netowrk for ID verification and issuance will be completed.

  • Q1, 2018

    Formation The DID foundation

    In January 2018, DID will seperate from Torquesol UK Ltd and will form a foundation. The agenda of the foundation will be to protect people's IDs over a decentralized network.

  • Q2, 2018

    Partnerships R&D, commercial

    The foundation will work with (a) Govt ID issuing authorities (b) Blockchain owners (c) Industry leaders to forge partnerships to take the DID manifesto forward. This includes studies, experiments, funding rounds and collaborations.

  • Q3, 2018

    BOCA Sale First batch

    The first batch of BOCA certificates will be sold to organizations. The operational team will work closely with corporates, Govt bodies to carefully select and decide on the first batch of BOCA certificates. These certificates will be based on BOCA-2 standard.

  • Q4, 2018

    Fully Profitable On it's feet!

    By Q4, 2018, DID will earn out of (a) issuance of BOCA certificates (b) charging a percentage on DID transactions to stand on its own feet and to become a profitable, noble-caused organization.

  • Q1, 2019

    Leadership Market penetration

    As per DID's agenda, we will take our schema to the masses. We are Crypto-positive and will get DID's app and schema into people's hands. This includes, but is not limited to, issuing a Govt ID on the DID schema.

The Team




A seasoned, serial entrepreneur with multiple IT and media holdings and partnerships in the UK, UAE and Pakistan. With over 12 years of an experience working with and starting startups, Mr. Naveed is in the perfect position to lead the DID revolution. Coming from a Digital agency background, he is very concerned about how people’s IDs are being used and abused. He is an avid advocate of privacy online.

I’ve seen the future – and it’s decentralized

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Senior leader and FinTech enthusiast passionate about emerging and decentralized technologies and crypto-economics. Experienced in developing and enhancing strategic business relationships between technology, sales and products teams. Always looking to further enhance and optimise the capability of businesses through technology. Experienced board member, director and strategist. Member of ICAEW and the Institute of Directors.

Blockchain technology might be the most important development in the world right now

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Audrey Friel is a thorough professional working in the IT field for over 25 years with a background in management and sales of communication systems. She has been with Torquesol UK Ltd for over 3 years now and is always the first voice of reason when an idea is being discussed. She also handles all activities surrounding business sales and management.

This is a change and a brave new world. Let us embrace it

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40+ years of accountancy and company law experience in the UK, Mr. Afzal is a member of ICAEW and is a well-respected name in the field. He has been with the organization right from the start and guides the organization around Financial planning and legalities. He has his claws sharpened for the FinTech world!

I have a feeling we will see this revolution happening within our lifetimes



Msc. FBCS, has some 20 years IT industry experience under her belt. She is passionate and excited about crypto currency and is a keen block chain technology enabler for her geographic focus. Her prior experience has been solutions architecture with exposure and focus in the financial industry having done projects with institutions like the Royal Bank of Scotland, Barclays Bank, The 4 Central European Banks and The Bank of Tokyo.

Africa is ready for the Blockchain; and I will implement it with
my own hands.

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An artist, a businesswoman and crypto-fan – all in one. Kaitlin has been managing corporate accounts in London for over 6 years. She is friendly, articulate and knows how to close a deal. She believes that good relationships are key to success. She also owns a theatre company and participates in community events.

I believe that people should have more control over their identity, both online and in real life. A decentralized identity offers us just that

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Ms. Blossom looks after the development and agency teams to deliver the final product. She has been with the company since its inception and has her own office now! She has a decade long experience in IT outsource environments and is at home there.

This changes everything! It’s a whole new way…

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30+ years in the marketing and digital communications field, Mr. Emerson is a well-respected name in the field and is joining the DID foundation efforts out of pure devotion to privacy. He is a regular speaker at industry events and is followed by peers and experts alike.

This gives us a chance to undo the mistakes the corporate has made over the years

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